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Jessica de la Pena denounced that her Davivienda account was "emptied" online

Jessica de la Pena denounced that her Davivienda account was “emptied” online

Presenter Jessica de la Peña denounced Thursday that she was the victim of thieves who stole all the money she had in her bank account.

Jessica explained, via her social networks, that her bank account could have been hacked at dawn on Thursday. As he commented, the thieves not only took the money he had, but also withdrew it.

“I woke up at 5:30 in the morning and found that they entered my gate and cleared my accounts. They even left me exposed. They did everything during the night and at dawn while I slept,” the presenter wrote.

Banco Davivienda, the entity involved in the complaint, noted the caller’s status and confirmed that it would verify the information to provide a prompt resolution.

According to what the journalist said to some media, after filing the complaint with the bank, “I changed the accounts, and they will check my cell phone to see what happened, we are all at risk.”

Other complaints

Besides her complaint, Jessica has also questioned the security controls of her financial institution since in recent days other people have claimed, through networking, that they were victims of the same act. “Yesterday I read someone’s tweet saying the same thing happened to him,” he said.

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“What about gate security? Today I do everything this way. How can I be confident that it will not happen again. Who solves me? Who is responsible for the money that was stolen from me?” Jessica said.

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And Carlos Sarria was one of the citizens who denounced the same scourge a few days ago, an announcer at La FM, who explained that the criminals also requested a loan through the bank’s application, cashed it and transferred it to other accounts.

“They emptied my savings account at 1 am. I’m not happy about that, they took a loan in my name of more than 20 million pesos. How about the security of your app??? It’s happening,” Sarria said.

Among the victims of this type of theft is @lancheros_lopez who noted on Twitter that “the security of this bank is catastrophic… 15 days ago Davplata cleared me with my private data… and quietly someone calls and says, if we are already aware of this type of fraud, where are the measures to protect our money? ???”.

He commented, “Unfortunately, yesterday I was a victim and they took what I have in my account, my concern is that the people who contact you have all the personal information and this makes me believe that they are the same advisors doing these thefts.” @jeisguer_731 in the same social network.