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▷ Academy of Sciences asks to 'double' biosecurity measures for COVID-19 #3Ago

▷ Academy of Sciences asks to ‘double’ biosecurity measures for COVID-19 #3Ago

The The Academy of Physical, Mathematical and Natural Sciences of Venezuela (AkfimanOn Tuesday August 2, he asked to “double” biosecurity measures to counter the increase in cases COVID-19.

Through a statement, the Academy of Sciences noted that currently, in Venezuela, “there is an upward peak of COVID-19 cases.”

Biologist Fleur Pujol, a researcher at the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (IVIC), explained that the spikes in COVID-19 this year are due to the omicron variant.

In this regard, the specialist noted that Omicron, in addition to its greater transmissibility, has “the ability to evade the protective antibody response, conferred by previous infections or vaccinations.”

In an interview Pujol gave in April to the Academy of Sciences, he noted that Omicron caused an increase in cases, but with “a much lower mortality rate than the delta variant.”

“Whether there will be fewer or more cases will depend on the coverage and quality of the vaccine and the number of people who have already been infected and who are better protected by hybrid immunity,” he added in the interview.

Pujol also noted that ómicron has many variant subspecies and a person can be infected with many of those sub variants in a row.

“That means if someone had B.1 at that first peak that was between January and February in Venezuela, they could easily get infected with BA.2 and then with BA.5, a few weeks later,” he said.

On the other hand, the researcher states that in Venezuela, there are currently circulating sub-variants in the country, both BA.2 and BA.5.

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In this sense, the Academy of Sciences has deemed it necessary to “double once again” prevention measures, such as the use of masks, and physical distancing, among others.

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