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They promote a taste of science among high school graduates

They promote a taste of science among high school graduates

Students from 10 high schools participated in the University of Science, an activity that sought to bring young high school graduates closer to the IPICYT Potocino Institute for Scientific and Technological Research (IPICYT) so that they could learn about the work of scientists, so that they could consider continuing their preparation with a master’s or doctoral degree.

Jennifer Rojas, a doctoral student in the Department of Molecular Biology, stated that the activities of the 2022 edition have seen some adjustments due to restrictions due to the pandemic.

Prior to the pandemic, this summer course was aimed at young people in their second and third year of high school, and consisted of Saturday sessions where each department of the institute offered workshops so that they could get closer to the different lines of research they were undertaking. these divisions.

This year it was scheduled to take place in a single day, as a crash course involving 14 high school students from 10 schools in the state.

The doctoral student IPICYT noted that the departments of Molecular Biology, Environmental Sciences, Nanoscience and Materials, Applied Geosciences and the National Center for Supercomputing participated in the activities on this occasion.

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