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Zoe Clemente’s first statements after Miss Universe

Zoe Clemente’s first statements after Miss Universe

San Salvador, El Salvador.- “She did things well,” Zoe Clemente said in a live broadcast on her Instagram account, as nearly 23,000 people reached out to listen to her for the first time after the end of Miss Universe 2023.

“I really wanted you to notice it, because in the end I wasn’t just doing it for myself, I was doing it for all the people I represent,” Miss Honduras told her fans, who left hundreds of comments congratulating her. For her great participation in the most important beauty pageant in the world, which she won Shenis PalaciosMiss Nicaragua, one of the top candidates in the competition.

Clemente said he felt happy, although he admitted he let out a “little cry” after not being among the finalists.

“I was hoping that Honduras would be named.. I did my best.. In the end, classification does not define you, but rather what you think of it.. My essence and culture have always been present.. No, I spent years preparing, and yet I feel that we have put ourselves on the map.” He admitted that he felt sad.

“I don’t know, sometimes you get confused, you don’t know what’s going on, because in the interview with the jury I felt super confident, I feel like I did a very good job, so you don’t know what Miss Universe is,” she said. “I’m really looking for that in The End,” the 23-year-old Honduran, who somehow felt she could advance to the final rankings.

However, he also admitted that despite his feelings, the experience was unforgettable.

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“Just being here is an unforgettable experience,” said Honduras She also believes that the time in San Salvador passed very quickly and at the same time she felt like she had been there for two months, not two weeks.

Clemente thanked Hondurans for their support, saying: “From the first day I arrived at the march, you supported me, and that was a very beautiful thing.”

She added that her followers encouraged her to participate in another beauty pageant, and she did not completely rule that out, “Maybe in another beauty pageant, yes, God willing.”

In 2021, when the young Honduran uploaded videos to TikTok, people told her that she had the profile to be Miss Honduras. Two years later, he managed to excel in the competition, making Hondurans dream.

Zoe Clemente returned to Honduras on Tuesday and said there will be a meet and greet to share with the people who have supported her throughout this whole process.