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“They set me up to trick me.”

“They set me up to trick me.”

Music Julian Oviedo He responded to the statements of the director of Unplug Music Records, the reggaeton singer’s music production company. MicaThis came after its statement in which it announced the violation of the agreement concluded at the end of last August.

Yulien Oviedo no longer represents the Unplug Music Records label“This Friday the financier said diego r. VizconThe CEO of the company justified the separation with issues of “principles and values.”

Through a statement posted on Instagram, Al Mesha noted, “Fortunately, it does not represent the same principles and values ​​as Unplug Music Records.” “The hope we had for his career was a failure because of him.”

“Mr. Oviedo will have to liquidate the initial investment put into his career to get the release from Unplug Music Records. Until then, he will not be able to release new music,” the music producer noted, noting that Oviedo’s new album (New Face) It may remain unpublished until the financial terms of the agreement are resolved.

“Pig, tyrant, wretch, son of a bitch, singhao… ungrateful, you and your artist… I am here to tell the truth and my truth,” Oviedo said Saturday on one of his live radio shows. social networks From Cuba.

Without sparing insults and disqualifications against Vizcon and El Micha, the reggaeton player stated that the contract signed with Unplug Music Records was a “trap” and even considered it a loser. Struggle for rights New FaceHe told the record company that he was “dedicating” it to him, and that he had a lot of “talent to produce 60 more albums.”

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Oviedo revealed the details of the commercial agreement signed with the record company, and attributed the separation to defamation by officials, who accused him, without evidence, of immorality, of having “sexual relations” with his manager.

“What does Polo have to do with music?” asked an annoyed Oviedo between shouts, who could not contain the anger and frustration he felt, and who unleashed a series of insults and obscenities in his direct address.

“This guy says the problems started because I slept with the manager of his supposed company. “I don’t know if you can call this company that bullshit you have over there,” the reggaeton player told Vizcon, accusing him. “You were there for your manager or you were there for me.” “.

Mica wasn’t spared Oviedo’s burden either: “You and your artist, they’re both ungrateful,” he told the man. A few months ago I was his friend and somewhat of a mentor.. “In three months I did what your artist did not do,” he said, referring to the alleged creative drought in mica.

“You and the other Singaw, who called me and told me that I slept with the manager… And the other queers, who signed me up to scam me… That guy never had good intentions with me… What you gave me was three thousand.” A dollar, brother… You deceived me with the contract… Your artist is more than dead.

In addition, he also threatened Vizcon and El Micha with proof of “everything” they did to him. “I have catches. I have messages. I have audios. I have documents. I have everything. I have absolutely everything. But since I’m a man. And I have balls like that. I won’t upload it. I won’t upload anything at all… but this “All yours. Some whores. Some decorations. Some jealous bitches. All of you rude and insolent. Some gossips. And some decrepit old women.”

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“You cheated me with the contract. “There is no skull, I have the talent to give to your artist and make 60 albums…so, I can give you the album perfectly,” the reggaeton player concluded his angry response.