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Yusa, Trump takes pages against Coca-Cola, but continues to drink it: betrayed by a photo on Twitter

Donald Trump Betrayed Twitter And from Coca Cola. Former tenant White House The endorsement has launched a war against the big corporations that have condemned it Georgia Of Electoral law Is considered discriminatory against minorities.

“Ignore everything Awake companies Identifying voters and not wanting free and fair elections. Coca Cola e Delta Airlines, They are headquartered in Atlanta and have even been provoked by threats of reversal boycotts, criticizing the passage of the law in recent days.

It was he who betrayed the American president in his last war Photo Uploaded on Twitter by his former adviser Stephen Miller. When Trump These days he is asking his supporters to boycott the carbonated drink, Former President behind the scenes United States Do not give up drinking.

Miller Visited the former President in his new office a Mar-e-Lago And in the shot uploaded on social media, Trump appears smiling behind his desk, even if hidden, not noticing the classic fuzzy pattern on the back of a phone. Diet Coke Bottle. The film sparked outrage on social media, where many users commented with conflicting comments on the photo: “Coca-Cola boycott Not started yet Officially in Mar-A Logo ”.

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