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More than 1,800 inmates have escaped from a prison in southeastern Nigeria

On Monday, gunmen destroyed a section of a prison in the southeastern Nigerian city of Avery with explosives. Makes them escape 1,844 people are detained at the facility. 35 prisoners did not want to escape, and at least 6 returned after initially escaping. A police officer was shot dead. According to officials, Piafra denied responsibility for the attack on the Eastern Defense Network, a paramilitary wing of the Indigenous separatist movement, but denied any involvement. President Mohammed Buhari called the move a “terrorist act.”

The Republic of Biafra was a separatist state in the southeastern part of Nigeria, overlooking the Gulf of Biafra and the country’s largest oil fields. Its independence lasted from 1967 to 1970, sparking the Nigerian civil war in those years, after which Piafra was reunited with Nigeria. The conflict caused the deaths of millions of people and was due to starvation due to the ban on access to basic necessities placed by the central government in the region.

In recent years, separatist movements have been partially re-activated and Nigerian security forces have continued to crack down on protests, sometimes killing peaceful pro-Biafra Protestants. There have been a number of attacks on police stations and other structures in the southeastern region of Nigeria in recent months, largely due to the indigenous population of Piafra. However, the team has always denied responsibility.

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