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“Secret dinners, caviar and champagne, while the country is locked” – Libero Codidiano

A bomb su Emmanuel E. Brigitte Macron. The France Closing to Disabling But there are also those who continue to live the good life between caviar and champagne, not to mention the curfew order and the laws against the crowd. Among these “lucky ones” are members of the government. Threat of drowning Elysee raised by a TV channel report M6: “Secret prices“With luxury venues and VIP guests, apparently without masks. Evening,” the organizer defended himself, saying he was “joking”, but the issue had already moved from TV to the prosecutor’s office, which has opened a criminal investigation.

Emmanuel Macron, dramatic announcement:

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The service building will be valuable Vivienne Palace, In the center of Paris. They all work Govt Never come, don’t know about the hidden cameras that film them. According to the record, France and Paris are experiencing a dramatic situation, compared to the Italian language, because except for the catastrophe of the first wave, the country is effectively closing and starting from last autumn, bars and restaurants are forced to lower existing shutters October 29.

In the statement, the restaurant owner explains that he has already participated in various secret dinners and dinners this week, “in two or three restaurants. Many ministers“A joke,” he later said, seeking “absurd feeling.” Meanwhile, the president of the republic is more and more similar in his parable. Giuseppe Conte, Will end up on the grill due to some of his irresponsible aides.

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