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Jordan accuses Prince Hamza of plotting: “I will not obey the orders of the generals, but I will be true to the king.”

“I will not obey when I am told I am not recognized go outI am only allowed to tweet, interact with people and see my family. ” 24 hours after his arrest, Prince Hamza (Pictured with his wife Noor, 2004), His half-brother was accused of conspiring against the king Jordan Abdalla II, In a post Twitter He declares that he will not obey the orders of the Commander-in-Chief Youssef Hunity, “Because they are whole inconcepibili“. about that Limitations Authorities want to impose charges on him because he is accused of conspiracy Elements Foreigners “For the instability of the country”, a threat to national security. As always TwitterHowever, the prince declares that he “does not want to do anything that can create.” ExpansionIn the evening, King Abdullah II decided to “resolve the question of Prince Hamza bin Hussein within the Hashimid family,” leaving the task to his uncle. Hasan bin Talal. Prince Hamza has “confirmed that Hashimit follows the family’s approach and path”. A strategy that even the stepmother he promised could apply “Be faithful” to the king: “I will be true to my ancestors, his majesty and the legacy of his crown prince, and I will be with them.”

The Arrests Authorities carried out yesterday – initially about 20 people were talked about, and later confirmed that people had been stopped 18 – They provoked the adults Care, Further Brussels. “L ‘European union Closely following the latest events in Jordan. The European Union and Jordan have a strong and strong partnership. We will continue to support Jordan His people. The European Union (EU) fully supports King Abdullah II and his role in the region, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general. Nabila Masrali, su Twitter.

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The “plot” failed – Government declares intelligence “failed” PlotAfter it becomes clear that the “responsible ones” are moving away from planning For action“. At least 18 ArrestedAccording to the Jordanian Foreign Minister, Ayman Sabadi. A few hours ago, BBC He released a video broadcast Hamza, Declared under house arrest in his building. The prince said that while the word “conspiracy” had not been spoken, the army showed up at his home yesterday and told him not to go out, interact with the outside world or meet anyone. He added Telephone services e Website They were cut off, and soon there was no satellite on which he recorded the news.

Hamza Talked about one Sentence For his participation in meetings criticized by the king. He did not mention அப்தல்லா, But said the “power system” decided it “Interests Personal, Finance other Corruption They are more important than the lives, lives and future of 10 million people. ” He added: “I did not return to any subject Plot, As anyone who says bad things is always told here, a bad organization or group that is supported from abroad ”. Two alti Officers Close to the arrested prince and 14-16.

Safadi Quoted in them Pasem Ibrahim Awatalla, An officer with various affiliations Persian Gulf countries, Who had planned to leave Country With his wife. “There is coordination between him and the prince, but I will not go further,” he said. When asked that Hamza He will be charged and there are “friendly” attempts to manage this situation, but he replied that “the stability of the state violates everything”. Queen Noor, Mother Hamza, He tweeted in his support: “I pray for that True e Justice The innocent who fall victim to this evil are better than all Slander. God bless them and keep them safe ”.

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Hamza In 2004 the crown lost its title of prince மறு அப்தல்லா, Five years after the death of their father, the latter king Hussein. It is rare for family ‘fights’ to erupt so openly in the monarchy. Meanwhile, various nations have rushed to support the king. Among them is the US State Department, which speaks of him as a “key partner.” Support அப்தல்லா It came Arabia Saudi, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Israel. Consistency in Jordan Has long been observed from the region The Trump administration Was strong with Israel, Cornered the Palestinians. Over there Jordan Defender of the Sacred Places a Jerusalem And provides a large number of Palestinian refugees. After the 1994 peace, in between Israel e Jordan In recent years, there have been precisely tense moments regarding the Palestinian question.