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The rebirth of Italian tennis. Podcast- Corriere.it

Part of Cabo Delcado This is a classic African paradox: it is a poor one Mozambique The resources that guarantee enormous profits (not always legal) are too great for those who live there, but for some who exploit them. A great recently discovered Field of gems, Have been fueling massive deforestation in recent years Wood industry, Cabo Delcado became the base hub for transportation routes Heroin and other synthetic drugs from Afghanistan and Pakistan. But is the most desired resource in the region Natural gas, Some of the largest deposits in the world. Total is a French company based in Apungi, Nearby The city was captured by hundreds of jihadists after the March 24 attack in Palma It forced more than 10,000 people to leave. After the military counter-attack, Palma returned to government control, but the issue was not limited to Mozambique (which also renewed the issue of Islamic terrorism).It has been very strong, at least since 2017) In Africa: An emergency Corona virus infection Finished and noted in the background Guido Olympio in today’s episode of the podcast “Courier Daily”.

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