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"You have to be humble": Diego Linez after the loss to Japan

“You have to be humble”: Diego Linez after the loss to Japan

Saitama, Japan /

although mexican national team He failed to secure his pass to the quarter-finals in Tokyo Olympics 2020 after, after Fall 2-1 to JapanAnd Diego Linez He emphasized that the Aztecs are still firm in their goal, in addition to relying on themselves to advance to the next round.

“We are strong in victories and defeats, and we had nothing certain with the first victory and You have to be humble“Today we have to lose, but we have a very important match and the most important thing is that we rely on ourselves,” said the 21-year-old.

wool NSHe also admitted that the team’s reaction came too late and that they also gave the opponent a huge advantage in the first minutes of the match that was held in Saitama Stadium.

“In the end we were 15 minutes late and at this level it hurts a lot to play the game, but I think the team was in control of the whole match and that’s it. We have to work to get to the quarter-finals, he commented.

“That was missing, in the first 15 minutes we made options for the opponent and obviously that hurts you because they scored two goals,” he added.

The defeat came at the right time

for this part, Sebastian Cordova I realized that my players tripartite They entered “a little loose” to duel against JapanAlthough he stressed that the defeat came at a good moment in the Olympic tournament.

“They were two goals he scored for us and now, after that we have complete control of the match. There are still things to improve and So good that this has happened to us now‘ commented cordova. “We have to be fine in the final touch, we played a good game, but we came in unfocused,” he added.

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