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Yonkers affordable housing waiting list opens after 10 years | Univision 41 New York WXTV

The City of Yonkers reopens for first time in 10 years The A waiting list for one of the affordable housing vouchers They are raffling off

The city seeks to add 3,000 new applicants in the list Who will receive the vouchers issued by the Central Government Housing Department?

Income thresholds to enter the waiting list and participate in the drawing range from $48,550 per year for an individual to $91,500 for a family of 8.

Limitation Date to apply It was next July 13.

Raffle held in days August 2nd and 3rd.

Listing opens for apartments in Brooklyn

In the case of New York City A lottery has opened to apply for a grant of one of 12 flats located in a building on Weirfield Street. In the Bushwick area of ​​Brooklyn.

The site has 39 departments, but only 12 Enter the program.

The Minimum income Must be eligible $61,715 per year.

Interested persons should apply and fill their form Before July 19 this year.

Eligibility for this scheme is based on the annual income and size of the applicant’s family.

The program works as a subsidy that allows people to pay a small amount to live in these places.

New York offers for apartment renters.

● The NYC Housing Connect portal is a city service you can use to find and apply for the city’s affordable rental and homeownership opportunities.

● HPD’s Housing Ambassadors Program: A network of community organizations that help prepare and submit documents to apply for affordable housing lotteries.

A painful wait for a home