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Dictatorship seizes items donated by Taiwan from the Council of Managua and delivers them to China

Hours after LA PRENSA announced that the Taiwanese government had donated to the Managua Conference, the diplomatic headquarters in Managua, the Daniel Ortega regime ordered it into the hands of the Chinese Popular and threatened those in prison. Prison, attempt to claim ownership of island property.

Before he left the country, the Taiwanese government donated to the High Diocese of Managua, the building where its embassy operates, located in the more valuable part of Managua, the Plains de Altamira. LA PRENSA, Vicar General of the Diocese, confirmed to Monsignor Carlos Avilés.

“Before leaving, they (Taiwan’s diplomatic mission) carried all their belongings (understood and donated), which contained the building, which they donated to the council, and the archbishop told them there was no problem, but the legal aspects of their relocation were still in those issues,” Monsignor said. Avilles confirmed to this newspaper.

Although not yet thinking about occupying the Catholic Church building, Avilles thanked the Taiwanese government for this work. “Anything donated is well received and now it should be used in a good way to serve the people,” he said.

LA PRENSA learned that all goods and vehicles belonging to Taiwan in Nicaragua had been left to the Catholic Church, although this was not confirmed with Avilés.

Dictatorship nails

But at night, the dictatorship issued a statement in which, within the framework of the recognition of China as a sovereign nation on December 9, Taiwan became part of that region, namely “the immediate registration of all movable real estate, equipment and means in favor of the recognized state; the People’s Republic of China, complete. And with unrestricted right and control.

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That is why, under the legal framework, which does not cite the law under which it defends its decision, he affirmed that “there are no transactions, transfers or transfers (of which, as they are called donations), the purpose of which only proves to be unlawful.” .

Furthermore, it warns that companies that assert “illegal and unlawful claims” will be exposed to the relevant courts and judicial proceedings, ”says a statement issued by the dictatorially controlled Attorney General’s Office.

On social media, people described Taiwan’s decision to hand over its assets to the Catholic Church as correct, and thanked the government of that country, but warned that the dictatorship was going to try to keep the assets. It happened just hours after LA PRENSA reported the donation.