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Sanctions Day: Canada, along with the United States and the United Kingdom, has executed 11 Ordega officials

Sanctions Day: Canada, along with the United States and the United Kingdom, has executed 11 Ordega officials

Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie announced on Monday, November 15 that she would impose sanctions on 11 senior officials close to the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo. Regulation of Special Economic Activities (Nicaragua), In response to ongoing human rights violations in Nicaragua.

Thus, Canada joined the United States and the United Kingdom in announcing sanctions on Monday to the Ministry of Public Works, some Ortega mayors and the country’s energy and finance ministry officials.

Canadian sanctions

Officers authorized by Canada: Alpha Los Ramos Vanegas, President of the Supreme Court (CSJ); Puerto Ars Castano, economic adviser to the president; Louis Angel Montenegro Espinoza, Supervisor of Banks and Other Financial Institutions; Mohammed Lashdar is of Libyan descent and is Nicaragua’s ambassador to Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Also on the list is Sadrach Zeledón Rocha, mayor of Madagalpa; Leonidas Nicholas Senteno Rivera, mayor of Ginotoca; Francisco Ramon Valenzuela Blandón, Estelí Mayor; José Adrian Chavarría Montenegro, Deputy Minister of Finance and Public Debt; Rodolfo Francisco López Gutiérrez, Distribuidora Electrica del Norte (Disnorte) and Distribuidora Electrica del Sur (Dissur); Jose Antonio Castaneda Mendes, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Nicaraguan Institute of Energy (INE) and President of the National Electricity Transmission Institute (Enatrel) Salvador Mancel Castrillo.

“Over the past three years, Canada and the international community have repeatedly called on the regime of Daniel Ortega to change course and seek a peaceful and democratic solution to the current crisis.” On the contrary, “the Ortega regime has led Nicaragua further down the path of dictatorship. The human rights and fundamental freedoms of the people of Nicaragua have been taken away«, The Canadian government argues in the statement about the measures imposed today on the regime’s allies.

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They demanded the immediate release of all political prisoners

Canada underscores that the Ordega regime arrested and detained political opponents, suppressed the independent media, and deported civilians and civil society leaders for fear of imprisonment. The regime of the people of Nicaragua has usurped their basic human right to vote in free, fair and inclusive elections., November 7, reiterates the report.

“Canada continues to demand the immediate and unconditional release of all pro-democracy political leaders, journalists, activists and other prisoners in Nicaragua and the full restoration of their civil and political rights,” they say.

They say they use all diplomatic tools to support the people of Nicaragua and to hold “those responsible for this repressive regime and those who facilitate its abuses accountable.” Today’s announcement supports this commitment, “they argue.

Canada is compatible with the United States and the United Kingdom

Canada’s new measures are in addition to the Canadian sanctions previously imposed on Nicaraguan authorities. “Canada welcomes the decisive steps taken by its international partners, including the United States and the United Kingdom, and will continue to work with them to restore democracy, respect for human rights and support and pressure on the regime,” they said.

This Monday, The United States authorized the Nicaraguan Ministry of Public Administration and nine officials and close associates of the Daniel Ortega regime., List of Canadians admitted today: Louis Angel Montenegro Espinoza, Jose Adrian Savarria Montenegro, Rodolfo Francisco Lபpez Lutz, Jose Antonio Castaneda Mendeszel, Mozad Laster, Salvador Mansel Rosen

When The United Kingdom has approved the appointment of Rosario Murillo as Vice President; Senior police commissioners, Fidel Dominguez and Juan Valle Valle; President of the National Assembly, Gustavo Boras; Attorney General of the Republic, Anna Julia Guido; CSE Magistrate, Lumberto Ignacio Campbell Hooker; Fidel Moreno, Secretary-General of the Mayor’s Office in Managua, and Alba Luce Ramos, President of the CSJ, were also granted permission by Canada today.

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“Canada and the international community support the aspirations of the Nicaraguan people for a more peaceful, just and democratic future,” they said in a statement.

For her part, Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie said, “Canada will always advocate for the promotion and protection of human rights and we will hold accountable those who violate them. We support the Nicaraguan people’s aspirations for a more peaceful, just and democratic future.”

Canadian activities

The Terms of special economic activity (Nicaragua) Prohibit any transaction (performance, asset freeze) on listed individuals by prohibiting individuals in Canada and Canadians outside Canada from engaging in any activity related to any property owned by these individuals or by providing them with financial services or related services.

It has been announced that persons on the list of rules will not be allowed in Canada Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. Specific restrictions are established in the regulations.