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Xi will make it clear to Pita that China will “reunite with Taiwan at no cost.”

Xi will make it clear to Pita that China will “reunite with Taiwan at no cost.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping told his US envoy Joe Biden that China would reunite with Taiwan “at no cost” as the Chinese media advanced ahead of a virtual meeting between the two on Monday.

We hope he will make it clear to Biden that China is committed to achieving its national reunification in the future. Biden must weigh the cost to the United States of supporting Taiwan separatists, ‘the official China Daily commented in an editorial.

This Monday (Washington time; Tuesday morning in Beijing) a video conference between Xi and Biden called for tensions in Taiwan’s account, including topics such as energy security or climate change.

‘The competition must be conducted responsibly. Policies that encourage Taiwanese separatists will destabilize relations between China and the United States and plunge the world into the abyss.

On the one hand, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Legion said today that Washington and Beijing should “meet in the middle” and “resolve sensitive issues in the right way.”

“We need to explore ways for mutual respect and peaceful coexistence so that relations can return to the right path,” Zhao told a news conference.

A senior White House official announced today that he would talk to Biden Ji about China’s conduct on trade, human rights and the situation in Taiwan.

The island, which is considered an autonomous region with its own government and political system, is one of the main reasons for the conflict between China and its sovereignty over the United States, as Washington plays a key role in supplying arms. United States. Taiwan

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Tensions have risen in the wake of recent Chinese airstrikes near Taiwan, and reports suggest that Washington has stationed a small contingent there for at least a year to train local forces.

The meeting comes after a telephone conversation between the two leaders last September, in which Biden and Ji acknowledged their responsibility to ensure that “competition” between the respective countries does not “lead to conflict”.

In the past, the United States has raised concerns with China about human rights in the Xinjiang region and Hong Kong, as well as the situation in the South China Sea.

For its part, Beijing hopes that Washington will accept “rational and practical policies” and will not use “sovereignty and security issues” to “interfere” in China’s internal affairs.