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Yolanda Andrade is not left behind and responds to Laura Zapata: she will always be Thalia's sister

Yolanda Andrade is not left behind and responds to Laura Zapata: she will always be Thalia’s sister

  • Laura Zapata’s words caused a lot of controversy when she declared Mexicans to be “huev*nes.”
  • Yolanda Andrade was angry at Laura Zapata’s comments and attacked her, saying, “The egg *na is you” and that it was “preserved.”
  • After Yolanda’s words, Laura asks Thalia to stop her friend.

The controversy between Laura Zapata and Yolanda Andrade does not end! Well, after Thalia’s sister’s remarks about Mexicans being “huev*nes”, the driver replied, “Get to work” arguing that it was the singer who supported her when her grandmother, Mrs. Eva Mange was still alive.

Because of these words, Laura Zapata called for Thalia to put an end to her friend Yolanda and to clarify that she was not being kept and remembering that it was she who put Thalia in the public eye, “I am a lady,” she said.

Looking at this, Yolanda Andrade was not silent and said, “What does Thalia have to do with the things you say? You are old enough now to take responsibility, Mrs. Laura Zapata, for what you say. And what does my friendship with Thalia have to do with her? That’s another matter, she puts Thalia up.” always there.”

Additionally, Yolanda responded to Laura that her mother supposedly did not want Thalia to befriend her and commented, “I think we’ve seen each other, Mrs. Yolanda and me, more than Laura Zapata and Mrs. Yolanda.”

Yolanda continued her message by saying that Thalia’s sister no longer wanted to be held responsible for her words, “You are no longer responsible, Laura Zapata, for what you said about Mexicans. You said we were some white, then repented and wanted to make it clear what I was doing worse, as always and as usual you put Your sister Talia.

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Finally, driver Laura Zapata challenged not to include her sister in any interview, “(I challenge her) to interview her sister, what are you going to talk about?”

Yolanda Andrade does not leave and respond to Laura Zapata about Thalia