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Yailin “La Más Viral”, formerly of Anuel AA, dances in a string thong and is said to be “vulgar”

Yailin “La Más Viral”, formerly of Anuel AA, dances in a string thong and is said to be “vulgar”

Singer Yailin ‘La Más Viral’ is constantly sharing content on the cam social network where she shows off her dancing skills. However, they end up criticizing her for They consider it unwise for her to continue to do so when she is not yet a mother, A fact criticized by users of different platforms.

The Dominican has taken advantage of Instagram Stories to share the hot video on the go She came out moving her body to the beat of the song “Pa ti”, which she translates with 6ix9ine. It was released a few days ago and has been quite well received on the music platforms.

However, the most striking thing about the occasion was the wardrobe she decided to wear, as she was wearing a two-part swimsuit and Above, to cover her voluptuous breasts, she had some florals, and below, a white string thong.

In the second video, where she continues to promote the musical theme, she is seen in a title that could be hers, While in the background her baby Cattleya’s car was noticeda little girl born in March as a result of the love he once had with Puerto Rican Anuel AA.

Netizens took a few seconds of their time to comment, some believe that she is doing these things to get the attention of her daughter’s father, while others focused on the surgeries she decided to have and how “tacky” she looks.

“It’s already too much, with too much disrespect, Practically naked “,” Poor girl, expose her to all the vices “,” After you remove the implants, send me a picture “,” Even if Anuel doesn’t peel her naked and that’s her rage“,” I would like all those who criticize her to see themselves as such “,” For things like this I consider the singer not an artist “,” She is a psychiatrist, but urgently “,” Too much dancing and vulgarity for nothing “,” and destination Mommy for how long?”, “How naughty,” “You can’t find how to get AA attention anymore,” “This girl looks desperate,” were some of the reactions that were recorded in the post.

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