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Xabi Lam, the immigrant who became the king of TikTok after losing his job

Xabi Lam, the immigrant who became the king of TikTok after losing his job

Rome, Italy.

In just a month and a half, Khaby Lame won more than 60 million of followers in TikTok and your profile became the fourth Most famous In the social network, but “still” does not feel “Famous”: The simplicity It is not only the basis of his silent videos, but also his style Think and express yourself.

“Honestly, still I don’t feel famous. I’m just a posting person Videos on TikTok. “I don’t give much importance to this,” Effie said in a video interview from his representative’s home. Milan.

It ensures that success has reached him Surprise, But in these few weeks of exponential jump to fama name (Dakar, 2000) has already compiled a file “team” inwho manages Accounting It gives you ideas for you future videos, It only lasts a few seconds.

In them reacts to silly tricks what or what spread on the internet, Provide much simpler solutions to solving problems, Using her expression, but without using Not a single word, the key to its success all over the world.

Lam adds that at the moment these lines are being published 61.4 million of followers and 818.7 million likes On tik tok, But every minute that passes by you Increases “community”.

They are numbers that are comparable, for example, to Italy’s population, the country to which he arrived in a year but still, after his life, Does not hold citizenship: “The most followed Italian in the world”, as all the media reported, It is not Italian.

“I asked nationality I am waiting for her. I already applied to get it once, but it took so long for it to arriveí All documentsAnd they could not accept it. You don’t have to be famous Italian citizen, but now I know how to manage orders and it might be easier,” says Lam, without losing Pride was born in Senegal.

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Just forty days -keeps the exact account-, gone from Recording videos To entertain yourself from your room in Shivasu (a small town in the province of Turin) and from being a complete stranger to yesterday reaching 4th place on the world table c . featuresWith more followers in red social china, Above the characters he admires like an American actor will Smith.

Lame would like to imitate him and be able to go from mobile to small or big screen: “I would go to the cinema, I wish I could start doing thatp comedy movies Or TV series like the ones in Netflix. nOr stay alone in it tik tok, But to unlock more,” he longed.

experience d تجربةe”tiktokeryoung man when he started They were fired from their job at mechanical workshop During lockdown in March 2020.

At that time, pr bored And with “doing nothing”, he decided to create an account on tik tok, The platform that “never got in” and “didn’t even know what it was”.

However, it wasn’t until April of this year that followers began to grow exponentially, to one or more two million a day on average, driven by Social network algorithm.

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Lame videos show logic vs Ridiculous complicationsPretend to “simplify things in a fun way, always without lookingDo not offend anyone.”

In the most prevalent virus, “tiktoker” does daily business, such as Banana peel or drink a a cup of water, the way anyone can do it without thinking. It’s his way of responding to the countless senseless videos circulating on the Internet and suggesting alternative – and absurdly hilarious – solutions to simpler, spontaneous actions.

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simplicity for you “Life philosophy”, Guaranteed, in a world that probably tends to overcomplicate it a lot. EFE