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FOTOS: Una 'influencer' posa para Instagram en clase ejecutiva y es ridiculizada al descubrirse que volaba en económica

PHOTOS: ‘Influencer’ poses on Instagram in business class and gets mocked when she finds out she was flying in economy class


Jun 4, 2021 00:37 GMT

After the photos went viral, Oceane El Himer closed the comments on the initial post.

Popular French blogger Oceane El Himer ended up at the center of the controversy after she posted a photo on Instagram suggesting she was flying in business class.

In the photo posted on May 23, the young woman stands against the backdrop of the beautiful business class interior of a plane parked at Dubai Airport, United Arab Emirates. “Next stop is Monaco. I fly all night,” the young woman wrote in a mixture of English and French.

However, during the same flight, the model was picked up by a passenger in the economy class seat.

The photo quickly spread, after which the Reds closed the comments on the initial post. The event sparked a discussion about the cult of success prevalent in networking culture.

“It’s crazy how people go to hell and back to impress people they don’t know, who don’t affect their lives at all,” hung Twitter user status.

Another online user wrote that Dubai, a popular hub for luxury tourism, “summarizes culture.” “A group of people pretending to be rich, casual or businessmen. 90% of the people in that city are pretending”, chirp.

“The impact of social media is worse than the ‘crack’ epidemic. Some of these people are just living to get attention,” synthesized Another user.

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