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Woman, Fayyad Doman: What happened to the actor who played Arif after the end of Kaden |  brave woman |  women's power |  Turkish series |  Fame

Woman, Fayyad Doman: What happened to the actor who played Arif after the end of Kaden | brave woman | women’s power | Turkish series | Fame

One of the Turkish series that caused a sensation in Spain was “”, a successful production in which one of its heroes was Vyaz Doman, who plays the role of Arif. The Turkish artist was seen on Instagram in a completely different way from the way he appears in the novel, and precisely now, we will tell you what happened to him after the end of the movie “Kadin”.

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Doman is a Turkish-born artist He is currently 38 years old. In his early years he had serious complications, as his entire family had to move to Istanbul to start from scratch, and language was one of his main flaws. In the midst of all these setbacks, the famous “Courage for a Woman” actor has now embarked on success in life, and the boy has succeeded.

“Women’s Power” NS “Women” In its original language, it is a Turkish-origin production carried over by Antena 3, and it was a huge hit last July. In recent days, telenovela fans have noticed how different she looks smoke In their social networks unlike what Spanish TV showed us.

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What happened to Fiyaz Doman after the end of “Mujer”?

After the final chapter of “Woman”, followers of the series began to search for their favorite characters. Without a doubt, one of them is Doman who appears on Instagram with a completely different personality and appearance than Arif, his character in the novel.

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One of the main differences that Fiyaz Duman fans find with Arif is that In fiction the actor has a stronger character, not as much as it appears on your social network. Doman exercises in the gym and shows his wife Zozan Simsek, whom he has been married to for more than a year.

If we look a little more at the pictures of Doman’s official account, we see that he has stopped dyeing his hair, in order to give more fame to his gray hair, which he looks very proud of.

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Vyas Doman Incorciona on Netflix

In March 2021, it became known that Feyyaz Duman will enter the world of the Netflix streaming platform. The Turkish actor came to Spain with the film “bee hives”which were seen only in Turkey and Europe.

Here we can see another side of Doman, who starred alongside Turkish actress Meryem Uzerli, who is famous for her work in the role of Harem in “Suleiman, the Great Sultan”. Iker is embodied by Vyaz Doman; A photographer living in the village of Aisha (Meriem Uzerli), a young woman who must return to take care of her dying mother.

In the “hives” we can see some of the physical changes in Doman. For example, we see that Eker unlike Arif has a thick beard and gray mustache with the same appearance as his hair. He is a man who has little social life, like Tralabsi from a woman.

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Who is Vyaz Duman?

Fiyaz Doman is of Kurdish origin and specializes in cinema and theater. Both areas are repeated in his career. His main role was that of Arif in the TV series “Mujer” which was taped in 2018. This work meant before and after in his acting career.

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Doman lived in New York for five years when he studied acting, successfully completing his master’s degree. One of his main wishes is to work in Hollywood.

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