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Sin celulitis, Chiquis Rivera presume la retaguardia en microbikini y sacude Instagram

Without cellulite, Chiquis Rivera assumes a microbiotic butt and rocks Instagram

Chiquis Rivera photo He returned to controversy when seen in an inappropriate post for sensitive people. The interpreter of “Animate y Verás” appeared on her back, bragging about the rear.

The purpose of this video was to promote the “anti-cellulite” cream from the singer’s line of beauty products.

Like many women, I suffer from cellulite in my legs, as well as on my buttocks … That’s why it was so important to me to formulate a product that not only helps me, but also helps me other women who share this “dilemma”. Especially on these hot days, when we all want to walk in little clothes or in a bikiniDaughter posted Jenny Rivera.

It wasn’t long before the criticism came before the star’s hot video. Among the positive messages was Helen Ochoa She said she needed the cream and told her her buttocks look good. her boyfriend Victoria no money They also roast it. A message of support in the face of sensual images.

There is no doubt that this photo helped promote Chiquis’ new product and the controversy only helped spread the picture further. Chickis is a social media expert and she revealed through this post that she will use all the advertising to her advantage.

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