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Ozuna apadrina la música de Onguito y ambos protagonizan nuevo sencillo

Ozuna sponsors Onguito’s music and they both star in a new song

The Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico are coming together again, this time with Ozuna folk music and the urban phenomenon Onguito with the single Diablona´, which in the early days of the song’s release, has received more than 3.2 million copies on the YouTube platform, is the first trend in the country, to replace the global phenomenon BTS, who just released new music and moved to # 2.

Ozuna became the international spiritual father of Ongito, while Santiago Matias signed him through his company Alofoke Radio, henceforth the new career start of the new urban artist.

One of the consequences after his breakup with Rochy RD was the loss of his official Instagram account, but upon reaching ECDLM for Santiago Matías, he got a new account that in less than five days achieved a surprising amount of more than 360,000 followers, an act that demonstrated the loyalty of his fans and interested ones. Find out more about this musical phenomenon.

During a recent interview on the Alofoke Radio Show, he said he was grateful for the opportunity Roche gave him, but the toxic environment for the rapper as well as not having a contract forcing him to stick with him, were enough reasons to focus. In his musical career.

The official video for ‘Diablona’ has just been signed in the country with Ozuna coming out in the next few days with the goal of setting new Onguito records.