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La Casa de los Famosos 4 LIVE: Lupillo Rivera sends a message to Belinda

La Casa de los Famosos 4 LIVE: Lupillo Rivera sends a message to Belinda

Maribelli and Ari Sunbathe and exchange words of mutual support

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Maribelli: “I love you, my friend.”

Ariadne: “I love you”

Words of mutual support and affection that Ari and Maribelli offer to each other🥹🫶🏻#LCLF4 pic.twitter.com/jKYSgfbGu6

– Atenas Victoria🧚🏼‍♀️✨ (@AtenassBu) February 24, 2024

La Bebeshita is working on a personal project

The Mexican influencer collected egg cartons to make a crown. He intends to give it to Ariadna, a Colombian model who has participated in several national and international beauty pageants.

In 2015, she represented her country in the Miss Universe pageant and was on the verge of winning, even being crowned, but within minutes the crown was taken away from her because announcer Steve Harvey made a mistake.

“She is a queen, but she is the queen of hypocrisy and lies.”He says no bibishita.

Christina was about to kiss Clovis

Many things happen during the weekly party, including the passionate meeting between Christina and Clovis. They were about to kiss while they were dancing.

La Divaza and Clovis Nienow will date for 24 hours inside La Casa de los Famosos 4 Capture: Telemundo

Lupillo Rivera sends a message to Belinda

On Friday, February 24, LCDLF4's weekly safari-themed party was held. Residents dressed in special clothes and enjoyed delicious dishes.

It was during this special event that he surprised the show's production “Toro del Corrido” with the song “El Sapito”, considered one of the most famous songs of his ex-girlfriend Belinda.

They all started dancing and did their best to convince Lupillo to join the group. He was hesitant at first, but eventually gave in to his comrades' insistence.

But he sent a message to Belinda: “I didn't go.” He confirmed that Billy would be angry.

(Tik Tok: blamar05 // Telemundo)

Who are this week's candidates?

Residents at risk of leaving “La Casa de los Famosos” by general decision are:

  • Sophie Durand
  • Carlos Gomez “The Cannon”
  • Rodrigo Rome
  • Clovis Nino
  • Ariadna Gutierrez
  • Christina Porta