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Within hours, the app will no longer work on these mobile phones

less and less to say “goodbye” The WhatsAppFor different models cell phone. Meta-owned instant messaging platform has long announced that old smartphones from major manufacturers (Samsungand Motorola, Xiaomi and LG) with the app.

As the app is constantly updated to offer new tools and functions, with the advancement of technology sometimes some of their devices and operating systems stop supporting the new features.

New WhatsApp updates launching today, March 31st. Thus, there are many mobile phones that will become obsolete because the app will no longer support certain models with Android and iOS operating systems.

As they explain, the goal of their updates is to “improve their security and privacy system.” This way, if users do not download the new versions of the application and do not change their mobile phones, they will not be able to receive support from the company.

So, people with devices running Android 4.04 and iPhones running iOS 9, or earlier versions, will be careless to use WhatsApp. The same will happen to those who have previous versions of KaiOS 2.4.

What mobile phones will say “Goodbye WhatsApp” as of March 31?


  • Galaxy Trend Lite
  • Galaxy Trend II
  • Galaxy S3mini
  • Galaxy Xcover 2
  • Galaxy Core
  • Galaxy Ace 2



  • Hong Mi
  • Mi2a
  • Mi2s
  • Redmi Note 4G phone
  • Hong Mi 1s


  • Optimus f7
  • Optimus L3II Dual
  • Optimus f5
  • Optimus L5II
  • Optimus L5II Dual
  • Optimus L3II
  • Optimus L7II Dual
  • Optimus L7II
  • Optimization F6
  • LG Enact
  • Optimus L4II Dual
  • Optimus F3
  • Optimus L4II
  • Optimus L2II
  • Optimus F3Q
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However, WhatsApp commented that it is possible for the app to continue working on these devices, but they will face other failures and difficulties.