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Beginning of the End?  The solar storm "cannibals" hit the Earth and these are the effects

Beginning of the End? The solar storm “cannibals” hit the Earth and these are the effects


Scientists from several countries detected 17 solar eruptions from a single sun spot, which wouldn’t be anything surprising, except that two were headed to Earth and merged into a “coronal mass ejection” traveling at 3 million 27 1599 km/h and finally hitting night. But what were its consequences?

by: Herald

The Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration explained that the two volcanic eruptions directed towards Earth, were released by the active regions 12975 and 12976 of the sun on March 28, and the phenomenon affected the Earth on the 31st of last March.

It was a G3 storm, which is considered strong, which means it could cause auroras as far south as Pennsylvania, Iowa and Oregon in the United States, according to Live Science.

Are ‘cannibal’ storms dangerous?

Although the name lends itself to imagining doomsday scenarios, they can only interfere with the Earth’s infrastructure, affecting communication systems and electrical appliances on an unfathomable scale, but only if they are very massive.

The last time damage occurred, according to NASA, in 1989, a 12-hour blackout was reported in Quebec, due to a solar storm and in 1859, in one of the largest known solar storms, it dumped telegraph systems and caused the aurora borealis . in Hawaii.

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