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What to do to protect my data before selling my cell phone

What to do to protect my data before selling my cell phone

You Telephone It stores usernames, passwords, messages, photos and videos. The risks of this information getting into the wrong hands can range from losing your social networks to having a portion of your money stolen. So, if you are considering giving or Sell ​​your cell phoneYou must take certain precautions to Protecting your personal information.

Tips to protect your data when changing mobile phones

Remove the SIM card and SD card

In addition SIM card It may contain information about your contacts, which you think is linked to your personal phone number. So if you have such a number linked to bank accounts or other accounts, anyone can use it to communicate on your behalf and harm you.

The most convenient thing would be to keep the SIM card to put in your next device, but if you don’t plan to reuse it, it would be better to jailbreak it. Reason to withdraw SD memory From your device contains photos, videos, chats, files, and other personal information.

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Delete all your data

The phones are already equipped with an internal memory, and it is not as easy to remove as in the case of an SD card. Therefore, you will have to manually delete all the data associated with you and stored directly on the phone from the system; Messages, photos, videos, and even your browsing history.

The practical alternative factory settings Cell phone, the way you can do it varies by brand, but it will take a few minutes to figure out how to do it after searching on the internet. If you don’t want to lose information permanently, try creating a file Back on PC or SD memory.

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Unlink your accounts from the device

After deleting your files, there is still one step left to clear all traces of using your phone. it’s about Unlink the team from your accounts and devices; Clear automatic access logs with Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth devices, social networks, and digital bank accounts. At the same time, delete the equipment records on the rest of your electronic devices.

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Finally, if you are not going to use the same cell phone number, it is very important to delete it as an alternative to authentication in 2-Step Verifications. Also, if you registered it as a contact number for any account or service, try to update it to avoid any inconvenience.

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