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With pamphlets, New York asks immigrants to leave shelters, Who Should Go?

With pamphlets, New York asks immigrants to leave shelters, Who Should Go?

city New York began distributing pamphlets and posters in English and with messages in Spanish barring immigrants from moving to the Big Apple once they arrive in the United States.

They are two bright yellow posters with a map of the United States, showing an uncertain point in the state of Texas next to the border, from which numerous arrows lead to different states of the country, but not to New York.

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Written messages sound: “New York house is too expensive”; “There is no guarantee that we will be able to provide accommodation and services to you”; “The costs of food, transportation and other necessities in New York are the highest in the entire United States.” And he concludes: “When making a decision about where to settle in America, please consider moving to another city.”

(Also: The number of undocumented Colombians in the US has doubled in the past 3 years).

Mayor Eric Adams said he sent “teams to the border” to distribute the flyers, as well as post them on city websites.

The mayor’s office has been complaining for months that the city can’t handle the burden of immigrants who arrived a year ago and that they are already outnumbered. 90,000 people are provided with free housing, food and in the case of school children.

The mayor announced the end of the policy of indefinite accommodation for any immigrant, and offered a A period of sixty days for those staying in long-term shelters So they abandon them and look for other forms of shelter, “friends or relatives” if necessary.

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(Also: Colombians to ask for immigration relief for comrades in Washington this Thursday).

Adams also announced that the city will send notices to immigrants Of legal age and singleWithout disclosing how many migrants the move would affect.

This is the only way to create an important space for families and children” Adams promised.

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