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NASA has warned that the heat wave in the Northern Hemisphere could last for a long time

NASA has warned that the heat wave in the Northern Hemisphere could last for a long time

NASA pointed out that the heatwave in the Northern Hemisphere was “not surprising” and warned that it could happen more often (Image: REUTERS)

The Pot It was announced on Thursday Heat wave who enjoys Northern Hemisphere He also pointed out “No wonder”. On the contrary, the US Space Agency has warned that this type of situation will develop Can be sustained over time And become a constant, don’t give yourself a A wonderful and urgent change.

“Temperatures have been increasing in every decade for the last four decades. Last June was the hottest June on record, and we expect July to be probably the hottest July on record.”said Gavin Schmidt, director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

Based on these records and the trends observed in the distant future, the expert explained that reducing the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is crucial to prevent the problem from intensifying and becoming entrenched.

The readings show that last June was the hottest June on record and July is on track to be the hottest July (Image: REUTERS)

“We think so will continue Because As we continue to release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, until we stop, temperatures will continue to rise”, he said in this regard and emphasized that it is in the hands of the people to control the situation.

Schmidt, on the other hand, noted this phenomenon boyMany point to this as an increase in extreme temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere and, in his opinion, said that does not justify a heat wave.

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“We’re seeing widespread warming everywhere, especially in the oceans, where we’ve had record sea surface temperatures for months — even outside the tropics,” he said.

Scientists have warned that Global sea surface temperature (TSM) broke its record, reaching this week, 20.9°CThis represents an increase of 0.6°C over the 1991-2020 average.

Even water AtlanticOn the coast of Florida, reached 32°CUnprecedented temperatures.

In Florida, the Atlantic Ocean reached an unprecedented temperature of 32.2C (Image: AFP)

Carlos del Castillo, director of the Ocean Ecology Laboratory at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, commented, “The problems with ocean temperatures don’t stay in the ocean: they affect everywhere.”

“Increases in ocean temperatures are causing extreme weather events and heavy rainfall in coastal areas”Something that has already begun to be seen in cities near the sea.

The record numbers for this heat wave bear that out 2023 will be one of the five hottest years on record.

“My calculations suggest that 2023 has a 50% chance of being the warmest year on record. Others claim an 80 percent probability, and we believe it 2024 will be even hotter“Schmidt concluded.

NASA experts have warned that 2024 will be even warmer and urged action to reverse the trend (Image: REUTERS)

In an effort to change this situation, NASA Director Bill Nelson said he is seeking to meet with experts to discuss how their data and research can contribute to climate solutions and more accurate predictions.

“NASA is considered a space agency or an aeronautical research agency, but it is a climate agency. We have 25 satellites that provide information in real time,” he said.

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