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With a blue outfit, Kristal Silva reveals that miniskirts will be an essential dress for Spring 2023

One of the seasons when drastic changes in fashion are about to arrive, so it’s time to revamp the clothes in your wardrobe, leaving behind the bulky sweaters and cozy sweaters to give way to fashion. cooler sets This will allow you to adjust your temperature during the hottest times of the year.

So if you have no idea how to join the season trendsOne thing you can do is review the note we made about the five colors that will prevail during the spring of 2023, from which you can get inspired to create different clothing combinations, just like the ones I showed Crystal Silva on her InstagramShe was spotted this weekend in the perfect outfit to catch the eye.

The best thing about this look from the former Mexican beauty queen is that not only is it versatile and light-hearted, but it actually takes clothing staples, so you probably don’t have to spend on new outfits to look as pretty. Host of “Come Joy”.

The best way to stand out in spring is to join the trends of the season | IG: @kristalsilva_

As seen in the pictures, Kristal Silva decided to join the mini skirt trend With this piece in blue that helps highlight her hips and waist, given thanks to the cut of the piece, which reveals her steel legs, which ends up being crowned with ankle boots that also come in a different color. Cool, just a little over saturating.

This creates a gradient Aesthetic Which is repeated in the presenter’s blouse, as this garment is also presented in a darker color than Mini skirt worn by Crystal Silvawhich illustrates the color goal of the former Mexican model, who is currently 31 years old.

Do you like Crystal Silva’s look? | IG: @kristalsilva_

Regarding this use of different shades of blue, it should be noted that by wearing a darker shade on your stomach, you can significantly design your figure, while by wearing something light on your hips, you can accentuate the curves that you have in this area of ​​the body, and how do that Crystal Silva.

As for accessories, since it is a casual outfit, the ideal is not to saturate your final look too much, so it is recommended to only wear simple earrings and even a pair of bracelets, preferably silver if you look focused on cold colors or copper if your look sticks more to warm colors, which is something It will undoubtedly make you crown yourself the Queen of Spring.

Remember to complete your look with the right accessories | IG: @kristalsilva_

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