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Carlos Calderón: the real reason for the dismissal of the Univisión host, according to his wife, Vanessa Leon | Celebrities from the United States | nnda nnlt | fame

As much as a segment of the program’s viewers liked it.America woke upDirective for Univision fired host Carlos Calderón for reasons that were not officially announceddespite the speculation of different versions.

Two months after that date, his followers dream of the possibility of his return to some television space, but at the moment none of this has been confirmed, which raises many doubts about his departure from the Latin channel.

This whole situation has raised many questions about the reasons for his expulsion, and as usual, public opinion wants to know the truth of the matter, so now we will give more details, as expressed by Vanessa Leon, to her. a partner.

Vanessa Lyon responds about her husband’s expulsion from the university

As is typical with most social media influencers, Vanessa Lyonne held a dynamic Q&A on his Instagram account. There one of his henchmen asked him about the real reasons regarding the separation of the love of his life.

Instead of dodging the question, as many would have, she answered it publicly, emphasizing that the whole thing was restricted to employees and had nothing to do with the theories discussed on the networks and published in the media.

“Downsizing. The other reasons I read in some of the articles are lies.”Latina commented.

And it is that in the past, when the “bombshell” had just exploded, it was speculated that the TV presenter’s departure was a response to all the controversy that arose last year with his partner. Both have issues and discussions with respective complaints. However, this was not affected.

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Carlos Calderon with Vanessa Leone (Photo: Vanessa Leone/Instagram)

Could Carlos Calderon go to Telemundo?

After his stint at Univision, there was speculation that Calderón’s contract contained a clause preventing him from going to Telemundo, but that would not be the case.

Vanessa Leon, also on social networks, stated in January that Carlos Calderón could work on any channel and that they were giving misleading information about their previous working relationship.

More information about Carlos Calderon

Personal data of Carlos Calderon

  • date of birth: October 5, 1974.
  • Pick-up place: Mexico City, Mexico.
  • age: 48 years.
  • studies: Architect and urban designer.
  • works: TV presenter.
  • nationality: Mexican.
  • Languages ​​spoken: Spanish and English.
  • Nominations: Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Spanish-Language Morning Show.
Carlos Calderón at the Univision facilities (Photo: Carlos Calderón/Instagram)

Carlos Calderon’s message after leaving the program

After several days of silence following his exit from Univision, the presenter reappeared to show his sense of humor mentioning Shakira’s success.

In his post, the Mexican figure of Nicaraguan origin joined the Colombian’s anger and his controversial topic with Argentine Bizarab, as he criticized his former partner Gerard Pique and his new girlfriend Clara Chia Marty. Learn more here.