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Winter storms threaten 80 million people in southeastern United States

Winter storms threaten 80 million people in southeastern United States

Nearly 80 million people living in the southeastern United States are on alert for a severe winter storm this Sunday, which has already left nearly 240,000 customers without electricity and forced the cancellation of thousands of flights.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has forecast heavy snowfall mainly in the states of Georgia, Carolinas, Tennessee and Virginia, which will move to the bottom of the Northeast and major lakes throughout the day due to a cold spell until Tuesday.

The first effects are already being felt in Georgia and North Carolina, where more than half a thousand flights have been canceled at Charlotte International Airport, or 91% of those scheduled, according to specialty website FlightAware.

In total, according to the portal, more than 2,600 flights have been canceled and hundreds of flights have been delayed in the country, with many of them departing or arriving at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, the busiest in the United States. This Sunday he looks at how 27% of his activities are canceled.

This was already expected by the NWS, which indicated that this “big” winter storm would have “significant impacts” on travel in the eastern United States between Sunday and Monday, where more snowfall is expected in the Appalachians. Carolinas.

According to the Power Outage website, the storm also affected power supplies in the area.

In Georgia, more than 93,000 customers have no electricity, a similar situation affecting 89,000 people in South Carolina, 26,000 in North Carolina and 33,000 in Florida.

Precisely the governors of Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia have declared a state of emergency to facilitate the deployment of resources before the storm hits.

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Also in the south, Florida, the NWS has issued a hurricane warning for the central, eastern and southern parts of the peninsula this Sunday.

The far south of the state, including Miami, remained under hurricane warning until this Sunday afternoon, while local media reported that one was found in the center of the state, the Orlando metropolitan area.

This is because low pressure is threatened by severe snowfall and low temperatures, but also by heavy rainfall and strong winds throughout the southeastern part of the country.