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"I received threats from Rosario Murillo"

“I received threats from Rosario Murillo”

Pastor Edwin Roman opposes formal deportation, despite appointing a parish administrator of the San Miguel Archangel Parish in the Masaya field. Roman has been in the United States since August 2021 for medical reasons.

“I did not apply for asylum, but I was one of those Nicaraguans who could not return because of threats. I was not comfortable going to Nicaragua,” said Edwing’s father.

The dean argued that he had received “many threats, even from Rosario Murillo.” “The situation in my country is very difficult. The church has told me that it is better for me to stay here. That’s why I do not have a return date. “

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“I am in the United States with the cardinal’s approval. I do not think the situation in Nicaragua will change, we are in a very difficult time, ”he added.

Father Roman was one of the priests who criticized the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo. During the social uprisings of April 2018, the government opened the doors of the church to serve those injured by repression.

In the small basilica of San Sebastian in Triumph, Caracas, he was attacked by Sandinista and paramilitary forces who forcibly entered the temple that housed a group of young people who had been wounded in a clean-up operation by the Ordega dictator-Murillo.

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