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Dominican America promises to return to defining values

Dominican America promises to return to defining values

“I’m here with my son and my dogs and we’re excited to learn about the city,” he said. Dominican Julisa Rhinoso Presents his credentials as new Ambassador From United States Inside Spain.

RhinosoThis Monday he pledged to restore his country to “always defined values” and to work to deepen the historic “bilateral” relations that have existed since its inception. To us“.

“As President From United States, Joe Biden Has said on several occasions, To us I begin to reactivate the values ​​that have always defined my country. ” Diplomat First Dominican, 47, after he arrived airport From Madrid Should take representation Diplomat American.

“I will dedicate myself to catching these while I stay here The beginning In relationships with Spain Y Andorra, தி European union And the international community. ” Diplomat, Who mentioned the promotion in these “Shared Values” Democracy, Culture, The Human rights And “common goals in areas such as business and Economy, “Security and safety”.

“We share the goal of making the world safer by emphasizing the importance of the environment and equality among the people. We fight together against climate change and the spread of misinformation. We are committed to the diversity and integration of our communities. These challenges will always characterize our people with determination,” he added.

Rhinoso Was before Ambassador Inside உருகுவே During Barack Obama’s presidency, and more recently aide President Biden and Chief of Staff From First lady, Jill Biden.

Bachelor OK By Columbia University (New York), Rhinoso She has also been co-chair of the White House Gender Policy Council.

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The Diplomat, Immigrant To us Further studied in 1982 Cambridge Colleges (United Kingdomy Harvard Massachusetts (United States), Has also been Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs in the Foreign Office.

As a lawyer, Rhinoso Was a partner in a law firm called Winston & Stron OK International. In addition, he served Federal Judge Laura Taylor Swine.

Rhinoso, Who took office before Vice President Kamala Harris on January 6, is awaiting the presentation of credentials to the King. Spain, Philip VI.

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