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Winners are honored at the first Mexican science and engineering fair in Coahuila

Winners are honored at the first Mexican science and engineering fair in Coahuila

There were 64 projects in the fields of environmental sciences, basic sciences, earth sciences, social sciences, medicine and health sciences, and 31 projects were awarded.

Turion. – The Government of Coahuila, through the State Council for Science and Technology (Coecyt), held the Awards for the First Mexican Science and Engineering Fair (FEMECI) 2022.

The event is organized by the State’s National Network of Science and Technology Councils and Organizations (Rednacecyt) through the Commission on Social Consent for Science, Technology and Innovation.

In his message, Mario Valdes Garza, President of Coecyt Coahuila, expressed that this is the most anticipated moment, the award ceremony.

He recounted the process and expressed that he saw a very great future for each of the young people who participated.

He pointed out that in addition to what educational institutions offer them, all attendees should have other skills so that they can link up with other sectors and continue to develop.

“You have a future to follow, don’t give up, share… and if you have a failure, don’t give up.”

Francisco Osorio Morales, Under Secretary of the State’s Department of Secondary and Higher Education, who attended on behalf of Governor Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solis, addressed to thank the support they had received for this event and for Coecyt.

“Today you are the top winners, and we will gladly give you recognition,” he said.

He pointed out that 16 states participated with a total of 64 projects, and today 31 teams were honored.

“This is the seed of innovation. The purpose of the exhibition is to ensure your access to science, through projects that help improve your environment. So I urge you to register your projects and continue on this path.”

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At that time, Francisco Osorio Morales, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Secondary and Higher Education, presented an appreciation to all the participants for their efforts and creativity in this competition.

He stressed that “this administration, the administration of Miguel Riquelme, has implemented measures to allow teachers and students what is necessary to enhance the quality and academic training, in order to be in the first place in the economic development of the country.”

“Through Coecyt, scientific and technological practices have been promoted, and today the residents of Coahuila are proud to receive students representing all state councils in this competition, whom I invite to continue participating in scientific work.”

Antonio Mendes Vegata, Director of the Municipal Institute of Culture and Education, attended on behalf of the Mayor of Torreon, Roman Alberto Cepeda.

“It is with great pleasure that I convey to you the message of Mayor Roman Cepeda. This first exhibition is a real party, and I assure that our country is looking for new realities … and here efforts are recognized that go beyond everyday business.”

“I insist Mayor Roman Cepeda acknowledges Governor Miguel Riquelme’s support for this provision, and today I want to say that young people can always do so.”

Some of the winners

Some of the winning teams in Higher Secondary Education are:

In the environmental sciences category

– 1st place: “Balilunar”, transforming waste from the Mayan region into eco-friendly dishes, from Quintana Roo.

In the Basic Sciences category

– First place: “Equis”, an educational strategy for learning algebra, from San Luis Potosi.

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Some of the higher education winning teams are:

In the engineering category

– First place: Effect of the percentage of antioxidants on the stability of poly(lactic acid) in post-industrial recycling, from San Luis Potosi.

It should be noted that the third place in this category went to Coahuila with the project “Contact Control System for Car Seats”.

In the Earth Science category:

First place: “Prototype of a solar thermal energy storage system for a solar dryer application”, from Aguascalientes.


He also met the President of the National Network of Councils and Governmental Organizations for Science and Technology (Rednacecyt), Rosalba Medina Rivera, and Indalecio Medina Hernández, President of the Community of Higher Education Institutions, at the Torreon Technological Innovation Park. Cieslag), as well as other representatives of higher and secondary higher education institutions, award-winning youth and the student community in general. (The Herald)