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Windows 11 will allow Android apps to be used directly on PC

Windows 11 will allow Android apps to be used directly on PC

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Next June 24 I can reach The biggest Windows revolution in years. it is expected that Microsoft To make his new version of Windows known in Spain and the rest of the world, and it is already expected that it will be Windows 11, Although there is nothing certain about it. However, perhaps one of the greatest novelties has been leaked: the ability to execute Android apps that use a built-in emulator.

As collected by Medium MSPower UserMicrosoft may work on a feature to emulate full Android apps using a native emulator within Windows 11. We won’t need software External like Android Emulators are built into the Google SDK, but we can do everything in the same system.

It is that an engineer working at Microsoft, Hideyuki Nagase, posted a new update in the Linux subsystem for Windows code, and among the changes Nagase made Up to two references to the Android Emulator.

Android Emulation on Windows

Mentioned for Android Emulator.

MSPower User


These two notes are as follows: “Fix Android Emulator window can’t move when there is no window” and “Fix Android Emulator window not moving and crashing when minimized”. Clear references to an emulator that may be accessing the system soon.

The idea, quite speculative, is that this simulation in the Windows subsystem for Linux was the basis for Bring Android apps to Windows. We couldn’t download it like any other program, of course; They must be downloaded from the Microsoft Store as a file a program Normal. Once downloaded, the Windows 11 emulator will launch it.

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This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of this; At the end of 2020, rumors indicated that Microsoft was already working on it A project called “Latte Project”; The only requirement for developers is to have to change these packages apps to MSIX, the format that Microsoft uses in its Store. In addition to the need to adapt the operation of the application to the desktop system of course.

But there are many problems. Due to Google’s dominance of Android, the vast majority of apps Android users need Google Play services to provide specific services, which will limit many of these services apps. Moreover, no apps From Google, not even from the Play Store. And last but not least, the developers They will have to publish a specific version of Windows, Add more workload.

While it is true through Windows Your Phone app We can emulate Android apps, and we can do this but only on some Samsung Galaxy devices due to the agreement between Microsoft and the Korean company. distance the noise Raised by Satya Nadella talking about The biggest revolution in Windows in “decades”, It would not be unusual to see a drastic move by the company, such as a hypothetical agreement with Google that would allow to expand the capabilities of this simulation.

This news comes immediately after the show Mac OS Monterey, a danger to the impending “revolution” that Nadella mentions because of the interconnection functions. In contrast, we can see many features of Windows 10X being born in Windows 11, then From the cancellation suffered by this system operative weeks ago.

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