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El róver Perseverance de la NASA capta su primer panorama en 360° de Marte (y se lo puede ver con sonido)

NASA’s rover captures first 360-degree panorama of Mars (visible by sound)


June 12, 2021 15:36 GMT

US space agency experts have combined the data sent by the spacecraft and presented it in an interactive video format that will astound the general public.

Now, everyone can tell what it feels like to be on Mars. NASA’s rover captured the first 360-degree panorama of the Red Planet’s surface, with the added sound of wind whistling.

The images, posted as an interactive video by NASA, allow those interested to plug in headphones and use a “mouse” or finger to scroll. Looking around, you can see the Van Zyl area, where perseverance was centered for 13 days.

The shot even records the Ingenuity helicopter and the trajectories of the rover as it turns, apparently for a good view. In the distance, the edge of Jezero crater, which is being explored by the spacecraft, appears, now after I started Officially its scientific mission.

This is not a direct record of what perseverance picks up on the surface of Mars. NASA experts have combined the data sent by the spacecraft and presented it in a way that will astound the general public.

panorama 2.4 billion pixels It was made from a consortium of 992 images captured by Perseverance’s MastCam-Z Right Camera between April 15 and 26, 2021. In addition, another landscape captured by navigation cameras on March 20 was added pointing downward.

The sky was digitally smoothed and enlarged based on the actual color of the sky observed when the images were taken, while the sound was recorded in February.

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