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The mystery has been revealed.  She is the face of the Spaniard with the voice of "Siri".

The mystery has been revealed. She is the face of the Spaniard with the voice of “Siri”.

Undoubtedly, it is practically impossible for many to do without services such as GPS a Siri (The famous iPhone voice assistant). If you subscribe to this statement, you will almost certainly always have a doubt as to who is the person behind these symbolic voices. Read on if you want to finish the puzzle.

In a Spanish program, through a dynamic, revealed the command Iratxe Gómez, Who does not know his face but his voice is known all over the world. However, only a few know his face and the curious history of his career until it became his voice siri.

In an interview with Eitb, this Basque woman finally shows her face and reveals some of her secrets…and jokes. “When typical commercials call me and you don’t want to talk to them, I use my voice to pretend I’m an answering machine,” he explains.

Gomez also told Cobb some details about his career origins as the “Knowing-It-All Voice”. She was working as an English teacher when the mother of one of the students asked her to record a letter for a banking company. From there he began working with his voice until it became most popular in medium and high-end browsers.

Apple took care of his voice and made use of the recordings he had already made for the text-to-speech converter. In fact, Gomez didn’t know it was Siri until later, when he came across her voice on a Chinese TV show: “I was watching a TV show one fine day when I was living in China with my husband, they did a magic trick with my iPhone and when I hear Siri’s voice, I say its me! “.

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Since then his life has been full of tales. Of her bewilderment when she calls a doctor to set up an appointment or make an income statement and finds herself with the reaction she elicits in others: “Some parents are shy when they finally meet me because, of course…asking questions about Siri isn’t always so conservative,” he explains with a laugh.

Siri in English

If you are one of those who use the original (in English) version of Siri, you will also know who it is, if you continue reading this article.

This mystery ended when CNN revealed his identity. The voice for the app is Susan Bennett, a voice actress who lives in Atlanta, United States.

In comments to the television network, he said he felt like a “strange tropical bird” was on display. “I had no idea this would be this big.”

Bennett wasn’t sure of her identity, saying, “I can’t tell you how liberated it was to make that decision.” “I tortured myself for two years.”

Siri recordings were made in 2005 when the tech and cellular world didn’t know anything about the iPhone.

After his appearance, he told CNN, requests for interviews came from all over the world: the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Ireland and Israel.