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Why should you turn off your cell phone’s Bluetooth when you’re not using it?  |  technology

Why should you turn off your cell phone’s Bluetooth when you’re not using it? | technology

Just like it happens with WifiSome people keep certain functions of the cell phone turned on. he Bluetooth He is one of them. Its continued use will likely be specifically for pairing wireless accessories, such as headphones.

Moreover, it may happen To turn off And a light This tool becomes increasingly annoying or forgotten, so it prefers to remain active all the time. At first glance, it may seem harmless, but this habit may lead to… Weaknesses for you Privacy.

We tell you why experts recommend saving on he Bluetooth From you device.

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Why leave Bluetooth turned off?

the communication Bluetooth It helps users in different ways. Linking is allowed Technological accessorieshow Headphones And smart watches, and it also helps transfer files between them Devices.

In general, to activate this digital gadget, a process called “pairing” is required. In this it allows conjunction with another device To exchange information.

However, specialized entities e.g United States Federal Communications Commission He warns on his website that this type of… Bluetooth connections They can become “vulnerable access points” for cybercriminals to steal your personal data.

In this sense, the main recommendation of the aforementioned committee is: To turn off he Bluetooth When you don’t use it. He claims on his website that keeping it running lets hackers know about others Devices You have commitment to Before and forge one of them in order to gain access to yours cell phone.

On the other hand, according to USA TodayLeave open This feature can also lead you to be exposed to vulnerabilities such as receiving spam messages and malicious links, which will allow cybercriminals to access your personal data and steal your identity.

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What can you do to protect yourself?

To turn off This tool is not the only protection measure I recommend United States Federal Communications Commission. It is also suggested to use it in “Incognito Mode” so that third parties cannot find your device device Nor access to your Bluetooth connection. Likewise, invitation Unlink The ones you no longer use or have a connection with.

For this part, USA Today Recommends not to accept any application for Pairing from Devices Which you do not recognize, in addition to suspicious messages or files.

In addition, the American media warns of the dangers of sending confidential information via… BluetoothEspecially in public places, where hackers can easily steal them.

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