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¿Cómo suena Marte?: La NASA comparte sonidos del planeta rojo captados por el róver Perseverance (VIDEO)

What does Mars sound like?: NASA shares the sounds of the Red Planet captured by the Perseverance rover (VIDEO)


October 22, 2021 08:27 GMT

“These sounds allow scientists and engineers to experience the Red Planet in new ways,” the space agency says.

This week, NASA shared the sounds of Mars that the rover was able to pick up from the surface of the Red Planet, as it has been exploring and working on various science missions since February.

In this way, gusts of Martian winds, sandstorms, and even the wheels and engines of the sound of astronomical vehicles as they moved could be perceived. “These sounds allow scientists and engineers Explore the red planet in new ways“, Confirms US space agency.

Five hours of audio collected by perseverance in nearly a year of exploration made possible by two microphonesOne is on the chassis and the other is on the mast. It is noteworthy that both audio devices Commercial models available to the public.

Voices can be heard from 1:30.

Recordings are teaching scholars about Mars “atmosphere changes”, based on the fact that sound is transmitted through air vibrations, NASA explains. The boom microphone is capable of recording the sounds made by the SuperCam laser instrument, and its location is ‘ideal’ for monitoring ‘micro turbulence (minimal changes in air)’.

Baptiste Chide, a planetary scientist who studies data from microphones, asserts that these will be “an important asset for the future science of Mars and the solar system.” He also adds that the sounds of Mars have “Strong bass vibrations”, unlike the floor.

In this regard, NASA detailed that the microphones allow the investigation How does sound travel? on this planet and asserts that because Earth and Mars have different atmospheres, the way sound is heard is affected. Mars is much less dense and therefore higher pitched sounds are particularly difficult to hear.

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