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Netflix will reward those who watch the most content without ads

Netflix will reward those who watch the most content without ads

For every three episodes watched, Netflix users will be able to enjoy one episode without ads. (Alexander Heinle/DPA)

One year after they implemented their plan with ads during viewing sessions films and chain, Netflix Will add during the year 2024a new version of its basic plan that will include an additional feature: a reward for users who watch episodes consecutively on the platform.

An announcement by the company states that users will receive an A episode Ad-free for all three watched in a row. This way it will be possible to retain a larger audience that will enjoy guide Very little content consumption experience to be found on levels Top subscription.

“After watching three episodes in a row, users subscriber You will be able to watch a free episode Advertising“, points to the platform. Once finished, the consumption cycle will start again and after watching the seventh episode, the eighth episode will be ad-free again.

On the other hand, advertisers in Netflix They will have the possibility to sponsor titles and live content on the platform. This will be enhanced with display capability QR codes Special offers in each of the ads presented in the app, although this will currently be limited only to Shepherds inside United State.

A user is calling out Netflix, which is facing a complaint from the OCU for “deceiving” consumers. (Eduardo Parra/European Press)

As a way to add new advertising options, companies will also be able to advertise at specific times throughout the year, with each local holiday in countries having different types of ads. Advertisers. This last option is already active in 2023, although it is also certain that it will start being available to all regions and countries starting in the year. 2024.

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Although these properties are specific to Advertisers, Netflix She also noted that it will improve advertising companies’ capabilities when it comes to tracking marketing metrics. Advertising Which are displayed to users, so they can learn more about the impact they are having on them.

“all of these Updates It helps in creating the best experience for our customers and members, who are fans of TV shows and movies. Netflix“He emphasized that the company is currently working on improving its profits by implementing plans advertisementsOne-time subscriptions and account blocking subscriber.

Reddit users pointed this out Netflix I informed them that their devices would no longer be able to access the app’s services and that it had stopped working without prior notice, but directed them via a link to their own accounts. Support page.

Netflix logo. (Corbin Davenport/Netflix)

Some of those affected are console-like models PlayStation Vitabesides the PlayStation TV (Its version is for TVs). Some models of Blu-Ray players are also included among those that have lost access to the service.

in general, Netflix It has not issued a statement specifically specifying the device models that will no longer be able to access its app, but it is estimated to be those that are at least 10 to 14 years old, especially some products from brands like Toshiba, Samsung or Sony TVs.

However, the console Play station 3 It is still compatible even when it was launched in 2006, so the age of the device will not be the only factor to take into consideration. It is possible that the image resolution provided by the service will be higher than the resolution of devices that will no longer be able to access the service.

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For its part, a specialized website was activated (devices.netflix.com) where each user will be able to know which models support the current features of the service. Netflix. These electronic devices can be in style Chromecast, etc; TVs, video game consoles, Blu-Ray players, mobile phones, tablets and computers.