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Why does the United States not share its remaining doses?

Why does the United States not share its remaining doses?

(CNN) – The United States is likely to be present 300 million vaccines remaining against COVID-19 At the end of July, as estimated this Thursday in a report prepared by experts in the Duke University Health Policy, And they called on the country to share doses more widely to address the wide disparity in the global distribution of vaccines.

The United States made limited shipments of AstraZeneca vaccine, That is not yet licensed for use in the United States, Mexico, and Canada, but the United States Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, It said it would not share the injection on a larger scale until the country was “safer” about its supplies.

The United States is the largest donor in the global vaccine delivery program Kovacs, But he was adamant about the vaccines he currently has in large numbers, while many others do not have any. Three-quarters of the vaccines already administered in the world correspond to just 10 countries, which together account for less than half of the world’s population.

“The The world’s richest country has a monopoly Much of the offer is short-lived. At the current rate of vaccine delivery, 92 of the world’s poorest countries will not vaccinate 60% of their population until 2023 or even later, ”write Dr. Krishna Udiakumar and Mark McClellan, Duke health experts.

Pandemic, the main topic of the World Economic Forum 4:05

The report outlines a three-part plan in which the United States should increase Covax funding, make overdoses available through the same plan, and create bilateral programs modeled on the presidential contingency plan for Covax relief. AIDS (PEPPAR, To provide vaccines and support to countries in need. It can also provide support and materials for countries to produce safe and effective vaccines on their own.

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AstraZeneca Vaccine, which the United States shares with, It was discontinued in many age groups in Europe After organizers said it was likely linked to dozens of rare and serious blood clotting events, some of them fatal. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine was suspended in the US on Tuesday after reporting the same rare clotting event in six people. The infection is still extremely rare, about one in a million.

Duke University estimates of over 300 million doses assumed that the United States would use the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, but looking at boycott, Your expectations may be overstated. However, this won’t change the big picture, as the J&J vaccine currently accounts for less than 5% of the 190 million vaccines currently in the United States.