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Why does brushing have a positive effect on animal welfare?

Why does brushing have a positive effect on animal welfare?

Livestock care goes beyond just proper nutrition and environment; Grooming and hygiene play a crucial role in the health and well-being of animals. Brush. RevistaGanadería portal says, It has been revealed as an essential practice for maintaining skin and hairAnd now, an innovative rotating brush, opening a new chapter in animal care and comfort, specifically targeting horned or long-haired livestock.

The importance of brushing for animal well-being

Brushing not only removes surface dirt, but is also effective in getting rid of parasites and other elements harmful to the skin and hair of animals. In addition, it positively affects their mood by giving them a feeling of comfort and comfort. The new DeLaval rotary brush is designed with these needs in mind, providing an advanced, adaptive solution for livestock with specific characteristics.

William Erickson, from DeLaval Product Development Area, told this portal that it highlights the importance of this new development: “The new brush has better cable protection and stainless steel finishes, making it our strongest and most robust brush ever.” This durability is essential, especially considering that horned or long-haired beef cattle tend to be larger and behave differently than dairy cows.

Development and testing of the rotary brush

The process of creating the rotating brush was extensive and global. Ericsson notes that it has undergone extensive testing in several countries over several years. The results were encouraging, with the majority of farmers reporting that brushing significantly improved coat condition, reduced the presence of parasites and promoted calmer behavior in their animals.

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One innovative aspect of the brush is its animal-activated system. Erickson explains: “The cows choose when they want to groom themselves and the brush starts rotating when it touches the cow.”. This natural interaction is key, as it allows the animals to brush according to their speed and preferences.

Key benefits of rotating brush

The brush design allows freedom of movement in all directions, providing a comfortable experience for animals. Whiskers The brushes are specially designed to stimulate circulation and keep animals clean and calm. In addition, the special design of the roller with flaps prevents hair from tangling, improving brushing effectiveness.