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Who is Patricio Robles in season two of Luis Miguel: The Series?

Who is Patricio Robles in season two of Luis Miguel: The Series?

The second season of Luis Miguel: The Serial It gives a lot to talk about, just a day after its impressive debut on the streaming platform, Netflix.

As the first seasons went down, there were no more questions than answers to them The birthplace of “Sol de Mexico”, Although the arrival of a new character will give an unexpected turn to the story.

Spoiler alert: If you are one of those who haven’t seen the series yet, we would expect this character to be a key in the singer’s history, so much so that they call him on the Internet The new “Luisito Rey”.

In the second installment of Luis Miguel: The Serial, We’ll see an emergence Patricio Robles The character played by actor Pablo Cruz Guerrero who is considered the new villain in history.

While that was said New Director Luis Miguel, In the series, he is not a special character, and they are said to have combined the history of four workers from the singer to create the character.

It is a mixture of different personalities. There were in particular some who approached with certain intentions, so I understood that and put it in this clip, from where I started thinking about it, if I were in my character I want to have the confidence of Louis Miguel at a time when oh God was the way to earn their respect. “He said in an interview with Pablo Cruz Guerrero.

in the real life, It could be “Patricio Robles”, Mauricio Aparua, Who was he Actor Luis Miguel in 1993, Almost ranked first at the Bacardi Youth Values ​​Festival for the song “Ganas de ti” sung by Magdalena Zarat; At OTI with his song “Tú y yo” he took 3rd place with the voice of Lolita Curtis. In addition, he has earned several Latin Grammy nominations and 25 Years (2017) in recognition of track awarded by SACM.

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