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If they protect themselves from AMLO projects, why shouldn’t they?

Yahoo is in Hispanic origins

The two fierce battles that attracted the attention of the whole of Mexico

This weekend, two fierce battles attracted attention on social networks, one taking place in the streets of the historic center of Mexico City, and the other on a golf course in Querétaro. The fighting on the golf course caused the mockery of Internet users, because in the photos taken according to various media on the Zipata Square, you can see how many men argue, apparently, about the results of the game, and when they start to fight static they botched blows. The subjects involved hit the air, scream and even get stuck, making it seem like a comic scene. Even those who record laugh at what they see. In a second video clip, some men are shown dragging each other in the grass of the field and one of them crosses, “Now, now, now, I am not fighting, I am separating, now!” Satirical comments appeared on social media such as, “I hope life hits me like a fight on the golf course, lest I have a hard time”, “A creepy golf fight, caution is recommended.” The other fight took place in the center of the nation’s capital. The accident was caught by someone who was about two naked people who were violently hitting each other. After several strikes, a policeman from the Citizen Security Corporation arrived at the scene to break into the fighting. At that point, the street wrestlers separate, but another man hits one of the fighters from behind and the fighting resumes, now with more people participating. The witnesses tried to calm things down with loud shouts, but the quarrel between the two shirtless men continued. When one of them touched the ground, the others approached to separate them but ended up hitting each other. At the end of the recording, it can be seen that the quarrel has subsided thanks to the intervention of some women accompanying them, who, despite their involvement in the aggression, were finally able to separate them.

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