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Miguel Bosé: “Vamos a ir a un segundo juicio de Núremberg”

Miguel Bosset: “We are going for a second trial in Nuremberg.”

Miguel Bossuet defended the theories of denial in a televised interview that aired on Sunday and asserted that those responsible for the epidemic, “politicians, doctors, drug companies, and accomplices” media will all fall so much that there will be a “second” Nuremberg trial.

“Everyone will fall one after the other: politicians, doctors, pharmacists and accomplices,” the artist pointed out. “The armed wing, the media, will fall, and many of them will not be able to go out to the streets quietly.” In an interview with journalist Jordi Evol for “Lo de Évole” (La Sexta).

The singer added that the world “will experience a second experience in Nuremberg, so amazing that it is already underway,” referring to the operations carried out after World War II in which collaborators with the Adolf Hitler regime participated.

This was the second part of the interview with Bosé, which took place months later without making statements and away from social networks since August of last year, after his statements about the epidemic brought about a wave of attacks filled with “insults, defamation, mockery” which, in His opinion, organized by “political parties and the pharmaceutical industries”.

Almost a year ago, the artist starred in a series of controversies for his questionable statements about the Coronavirus and his support for conspiracy theories about the epidemic, “the lie of major governments,” words that sparked an eruption in confined Spain and with thousands of those in the custody of God Almighty.

His theories of denial have already been dismantled by EFE Verifica, which showed why the alleged grave dangers he attributed to vaccines or his claims about the GAVI Vaccination Alliance, which is neither a drug company nor a possession of Bell, are incorrect. He was never kicked out of India or denounced by Kenya, as the singer claims.

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Boss said in the interview that he bears “his head held high” on the fact that he is an object of denial and that he does not regret anything he said because he is “on the side of the truth”.

In fact, the singer believes that he is cooperating with the community by publishing these messages because “the truth is unknown or you do not want to know because there is a plan in place so that it is not known and because there was no discussion.”

He emphasized: “I am a citizen who has a lot of information and I seek information beyond what they offer me, and what they want to make me chew and give me a pre-digested.”