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Who is Alejandro Cáceres, the Colombian who left North Korea without internet?

Who is Alejandro Cáceres, the Colombian who left North Korea without internet?

Alejandro Cáceres, a Colombian mathematician – Unsplash

Alejandro CaceresA famous Colombian mathematician managed to attract attention by revealing his participation in an unusual phenomenon: Internet system hacking North Korea.

By Caracal news

In an exclusive interview with UnivisionCáceres shared details about his journey into the world of cyber security and what motivated him to take such a step.

From an early age, Cáceres was drawn to the intriguing aspects of the Internet world. However, she kept her identity a secret for years until she decided to come forward and share her experience with the world. Revealing his face not only marked a milestone in his career, but also the beginning of an intriguing story about how one person can challenge the digital barriers imposed by authoritarian regimes.

“Ever since I was 12 years old, I've had a fascination with the mysterious corners of the cyber world,” Cáceres told television network Univision.

How did Alejandro Cáceres manage to leave North Korea without internet?

In the interview, Caceres explained that his method for shutting down internet service in North Korea is very simple. Finding vulnerabilities in the country's antiquated internet system, he devised a plan to completely cut the connection during downloads. The move not only crippled the country's ability to access the global network, but also prevented the outside world from penetrating its digital borders.

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