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Money flies, helicopters don't

Money flies, helicopters don't

Armando Info: Money flies, helicopters don't

A month ago, after a judicial process that lasted nearly two years, the plane was claimed in Argentina and ended up in the United States by Transporte Aerocargo del Sur (Emtrasur), a subsidiary of state-owned Conviasa.

Roberto Denis || Armando. Information

“They have taken away the color of the flag, they have hidden his name, they have destroyed the name of Luisa Cáceres de Arismendi, they have destroyed the name of Emtrasur, and then they have dismembered him and cut him into pieces,” Nicolás Maduro fumed on February 29. , in a televised broadcast from the Botanical Gardens of Caracas, confirmed the removal of the device.

Maduro's swift statement contrasts with his government's silence on the fate of three military Sikorsky AS-61D helicopters sent for overseas maintenance since 2014.

On March 7 of that year, the Ministry of Defense hired Aeronet Consulting Corp., a company registered in the state of Florida, USA, for major maintenance of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Sedefanb)'s concentrated service of goods and services. In three planes. There was no news of them after that.

But Armando.info was able to review a “conclusive audit report” from the Comptroller General of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Congefanb), which shows the responsibilities of senior officials of the Bolivarian Army and Air Force to the detriment of the country. Funding for national development payments was provided for $17 million, 75% of the contract, with no compensation to the Venezuelan government.

“Five years have passed since Aeronet Consulting Corp. failed to pay 50% of the contract advance ($9,355,500) and 20% of the special advance ($3,742,200) plus additional fees of four million dollars. Funds with sufficient support to guarantee the acquisition or repair of the commercial concessions that are the subject of the aforementioned agreement. Technically proven,” concluded the 34-page document dated June 20, 2019. Keys.

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And to make matters worse: even today the helicopters have not returned to Venezuela, despite an investigation by the military controller, and it is not even known if they have at least been repaired or reconditioned.

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