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Homeless people built a house next to a Los Angeles freeway

Homeless people built a house next to a Los Angeles freeway

Desperate solutions to homelessness: A house on the highway. (FOX 11 Los Angeles)

In an amazing display of ingenuity and survival, Homeless people have built a complete houseLocated on a narrow strip of land between a busy highway and Arroyo Seco, equipped with electricity, stone walls and even a garden, Los Angeles California. In construction Barbecue grillDecorative lamps and a hammock stand out markedly from the usual makeshift shelters usually found in similar areas, according to footage captured by a local news station. KTLA.

AngelsThe city that houses about 46 thousand homeless people, its most vulnerable citizens find ways to overcome adversity. Located on Highway 110 near Highland Park, this unusual encampment is a testament to the complexity of the housing problem in the area.

According to news reports KTLAThe origin of such elaborate constructions in informal camps Reveals both the creativity and desperation of those facing homelessness. “don't disturb me“A close neighbor said of the people living in these improvised houses, it represents a counterpoint to the various opinions these types of settlements raise.

Construction includes electricity, barbecue grill and decorative lighting. (KTLA 5)

Others, like Mike Ancheta, are impressed by the construction's ingenuity but insist such settlements should not be on public lands, pointing to legal risks such as illegal use of electricity and open fires. “But it's not supposed to be used. It's dangerous. As you can see, somebody's cooking on an open fire there. They're stealing electricity. “Okay,” Ancheta told KTLA.

Anjeta insisted “I enjoyed the work they did.. “And then, of course, these guys attack you violently.”

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Security concerns were not addressed by camp residents Fire extinguishers have been installed at the site, seen in photographs of the place. Despite the risks and ambiguous legality of their situation, these people's determination to maintain a sense of home is unmistakable.

Another resident blamed Los Angeles' rental costs. “It's Screwed” Ulises Chavez told a local station. “They need to lower the rent. “All kinds of things have to go down, especially in Los Angeles,” he added.

The house has a rock wall, potted plants, string lights, a hammock to relax on, and more. (KTLA 5 video capture)

Homelessness in Los Angeles is alarming, and voices like Ulises Chávez are calling attention to the urgency of solutions at the public policy level. “Reduce the rent” Among other measures to mitigate the crisis. It is clear that the phenomenon of encampments in Arroyo Seco is symptomatic of a much larger problem facing the city.

As the community and authorities search for solutions, opposition from those who call these structures home Talks about a humanitarian crisis It demands not only understanding but also concrete actions. The office of Councilor Eunice Hernandez, the representative of the area, was contacted for comment on the situation, which reflects the interest and concern of the elected representatives.

The incident underscores the need to address the housing crisis comprehensively AngelsNot only from the perspective of immediate aid, but also through long-term strategies that prevent marginalization and promote sustainable solutions for all citizens, especially the most vulnerable.

Nearby residents are divided into camps: some say the people living in temporary shelters don't bother them, others say it's wrong for their buildings to use public land. (KTLA 5 video capture)