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Who could be but the first?

One of the goals Luis Gilberto MurilloAmbassador Columbia, USA, is to advance a proposal to eliminate visas for Colombian citizens. EL TIEMPO spoke with Murillo and found out who was the first to be excluded from the document.

While progress is being made on the plan to completely eliminate visas for Colombians, Luis Gilberto Murillo told this newspaper that progress is being made on two plans that will benefit some citizens and not require a document to enter the United States.

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The first one will be for that Colombians who regularly travel to the North American countryMurillo pointed out that because “those who come to the United States for many years, without any problems, do not stay and do not want. That group should already have an exception, because it has been shown that they do not have any additional motives to come to this country and carry out their tourism and business activities,” Murillo pointed out.

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The second option has to do with a Before entering from ColombiaMurillo explains that while the proposal has not been discussed with the North American country, people “can go through their immigration process of reviewing documents once in Colombia, called pre-entry. This is already happening in countries like Canada.”

The ambassador noted that he is working with the Department of Homeland Security on the visa waiver request for the United States, a process that “will take years, I stress, but cannot be ruled out.”

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“We are discussing it. The fact is, we have some differences and we are talking about them. The US government is very open to us discussing it,” he said.

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