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Where is Chris Perez, Selena Quintanilla's widow, today?  |  People |  entertainment

Where is Chris Perez, Selena Quintanilla’s widow, today? | People | entertainment

The guitarist and singer got married on April 2, 1992 in a secret wedding.

Christopher Gilbert Perez, now 51 years old, Join the music group Celina and Dinos At the invitation of AB QuintanillaSelena’s brother in the early 1990s. Soon his talent got him to collaborate on some songs and Her charm and charisma conquered the so-called Queen of Tijano’s music.

The second season of Selena: The Series On Netflix He recalls the problems their relationship faced until they married in secret in 1992. Unfortunately, Their love story would end only three years later, in 1995When the singer was killed by Yolanda Saldivar.

at 2018 interviewPerez remembers The attraction they have felt since they were young. He said, “I am a shy person by nature, and there was something in it that was able to get me out.” “We had to live a fast and crazy life when we were kids. I think I was twenty years old When we started to take each other seriously. “

Chris Perez (left), Suzette Quintanella and AB Quintanella (r) with a wax statue of Selena at Madame Tussauds.

Your book, To Selena, with love (2012), he describes some of the episodes that Perez encountered after the death of his wife, such as the fact that Stop eating for two days And I started to abuse alcohol and drugs because of He felt guilty for not protecting Selena.

However, he was brave enough to finish recording album’s guitar. Dreaming of you, Singer’s posthumous album. They pressed play For me to record guitar tracks I had to Hear your own voice from studio speakersIt was so painful for me to go to the (recording room) and have to compose the choirs and make them sound a certain way, when Really at home I was dyingRemember.

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In 2001 he got married Vanessa Villanueva, With whom he had two children: Noah and Cassie, although their marriage ended in 2008. He returned to join AB Quintanilla to be a part of Cumbia All Stars, But he split up in 2010 to launch his own named group Chris Perez projectWith ngel Ferrer, with whom he launched the song Everything is different.

In April 2021, he made a statement on his Instagram account A new musical adventure. I have collected a Great team of producers, writers and musicians (Myself included) You’re ready to get things done! We will be looking for new artists to work with. Soon! ” (I)